TEI of Ionian Islands

The Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Ionian Islands

Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands (TEI

Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands (TEI). Photo Knut Werner Liondeberg Alsén

The Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Ionian Islands is comprised of 8 departments which are located on three different islands of the Ionian Sea in Western Greece. The Administrative Center of the Institute is located on the Kefalonia, the largest of the three islands. The departments offer a Bachelor’s
degree and they are divided among the different islands. Read more:

Department of Ecology and Environment

The Department of Environmental Technology and Ecology is located on the island of Zakynthos and it was founded in 2003. The Department’s object of study belongs to the area of Earth and Environmental Sciences. In particular, our studies focus on the relation, interaction and balance between living organisms and the environment.

We deal both with scientific principles and their applications as well as with applied research in the following areas:
Environmental Technology and Quality Control, that is, the scientific methods and techniques for detecting, assessing and monitoring, as well as the technologies, for mitigating the human-induced degradation of the natural environment through applied research (quality indices measurement, environmental quality monitoring systems and so on).
2. Environmental Protection and Management, with an emphasis on the application of scientific methods as well as prevention techniques, such as Environmental Auditing and Control, Quality Assessment and Sustainable Development. In particular, our Department focuses on Quality and Control Systems, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Politics, Policy and Communication, Natural Resources Management, Waste Management, Environmental Impact Assessment and makes use of the relevant software.
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